After School Enrichment Program

After School Enrichment Program

Help your child choose a fun way to learn, develop talents and skill, and build confidence
After School

Discover & Develop your child's talent

Shambala Kidz’s After School Activities program offers an opportunity to further develop children learning power skills, through a wide and varied activities for children to involve in. There are social, physical and psychological advantages for children who participate in after-school activities. Rather than allowing kids to spend all of their leisure time parked in front of the television or playing video games, parents who encourage children to participate in activities outside of the home are aided in their development. After-school activities can change a child’s life for the better and have multiple benefits.

Our After School Enrichment Program included:

3D Printing Crafty Mind | IT & Multimedia | Little Painter Class | Taekwondo Class | Swimming | Little Chef Class | Korean Pop Dance | Ballet Dance | Mini Golf | English Phonics Program | Calligraphy

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