Brand Story

Brand Story

Shambala Leaders

We are human, and we want to build a better world. With this ideal, We founded Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre School. Shambala, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “place of peace” or “place of silence”, is a mythical paradise spoken of in ancient texts. There shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed. Everyone is helpful, kind and lovely on the road to Shambala.

Shambala is a fascinating place, it inspires so many people that they can live in this beautiful place. Especially in the world full of hatred, avarice, jealousy, evil, crafty, and desire. The world is formed up of people. It’s perfect or corruption made by human. Therefore, we firmly believe that as long as the responsibility and love, together with the knowledge and wisdom to impart to the next generation, prompting them to become more outstanding generation, the future of the world will be awe-inspiring.

The next generation is our obligation. There is an old Chinese proverb: “age of three, decides on the age of eighty”. We can say that once the characters and habits of children formed at the age of three, They will find it challenging to change even they turn 80 years old. For this reason, we chose to go into the field of early childhood education, committed to provide the world with nurtured excellent human incubator and work together with parents with similar ideas, to build a better future for our next generation.

With this ideal, our founder use years of time, travelled to China, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Britain, Canada, visited over hundreds of top public and private kindergartens/preschools. We have learned from the world’s top exchange preschools superior, forefront of countries in the education system, teaching model, and management system. After this long journey, we have mastered the essence of early childhood education around the world, and came to a conclusion, therefore “Cultivate leaders to make the world better together”.

“Cultivate leaders make the world better together”, urge for better future in the area of education. We believe all the wonderful things in the world, are created by leaders. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Leader grows more leaders. In the future, what we need is to develop an effective system and able to cultivate efficiency in a person with all-rounded development in ethics, intellect, physique, social sciences and aesthetics. Meanwhile, nurture leadership awareness into them.


At the same time, we interviewed 1600 world-class excellence leaders, and pile up all the exceptional characteristics of leaders, integration among our systems. Eventually, we invested 1.2 million USD in 2 years time, and now successfully invented a comprehensive early childhood development and education system, concentrating on “leadership education”. This education system named “Shambala Kidz Leadership Development Programme (SKLDP)”.

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