Investor Opportunities

Investor Opportunities

From what we give in life, we make a living. From what we give, we make a life.
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Being a Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School Partners is both a personally and professionally rewarding career path. So if you have a passion for preschool education and are a dedicated and ambitious individual or business, feel free to contact us for more details today.

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Area Meetings & Conferences

Annual conferences and other regional meetings, both pedagogic and business, allow everyone to share new ideas and energies. This is the great advantage to working in a large international franchise operation; knowledge and experience is shared among colleagues, to the benefit of all.

Pedagogic Training & Assistance

The Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School has become a beacon for others to follow. Our pedagogic team continually updates our learning materials and develops new and innovative programmes using multiple media. Regular teacher trainings and seminars are compulsory to maintain staff professionalism.

 Ongoing Support

We also provide template and graphic materials to assist new franchisees in decorating their kindergarten and learning centre. Indoor and outdoor décor is provided, in line with our international branding and marketing standards.

Marketing Support

The Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School Head Office marketing department works to enhance brand implementation worldwide, with large promotional projects and a proactive Internet and social media presence. We continuously provide our franchisees with promotional materials and ideas initiated by headquarters and by other franchisees worldwide. We assist you with opening your local website and social media networks to enhance your options to locate and communicate with your target audience.

Technology Support

Operating a worldwide operation means we use state-of-the-art technology, including top of the line data programmes, professional portals, communication links and webinars to give you ongoing, online support.

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